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COVID-19 is real stay home and stay safe, wear nose mask, practice one meter social distancing and wash your hands often with soap.

Horraa the best educational platform ever is finally realsed for publich use

A platform that will bring the entire ecosystem of students, parents, teachers and staff, management, supervisors, service providers etc. into one big community

Online Examminations, with complete features such as mathematical and scientific symbols, auto-marking and grading etc.

Student can search a large database of exams question and answers from all schools in the platform

E-learning: With greatschoolsonline school management platform, you cannot say my school has no teacher for any subject because all teachers from other school are your teachers as well

E-learning: HERE IS WHY ?

The E-learning module allow tutors to prepare and present live lessons to students from anywhere

E-learning: Students can watch live lesons from anywhere with a smart phone, tablet or a pc

E-learning: Tutors can also pre-record these lessons and students can watch lesson playback any time from anywhere with any device

E-learning: Even live lessons are recoded giving students a large database of lessons from all schools on the platform

E-learning: Students are not limmited to watching lessons from only tutors from their schools, but also from other tutors from other schools as well.

Students and guardians can check their results online

Security and multi-user profiles

School-To-Home cummunication

Triangular data synching operations

Real-time chat system

Real-time alerts and push notifications

Custom grading system

Easy billings and payment

Attendance register marking and register closing

Elaborate school srofile availble on the home page

Customizable notice boards accessible to authorize users