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Horraa the best educational platform ever is finally realsed for publich use

A platform that will bring the entire ecosystem of students, parents, teachers and staff, management, supervisors, service providers etc. into one big community

Online Examminations, with complete features such as mathematical and scientific symbols, auto-marking and grading etc.

Student can search a large database of exams question and answers from all schools in the platform

E-learning: With greatschoolsonline school management platform, you cannot say my school has no teacher for any subject because all teachers from other school are your teachers as well

E-learning: HERE IS WHY ?

The E-learning module allow tutors to prepare and present live lessons to students from anywhere

E-learning: Students can watch live lesons from anywhere with a smart phone, tablet or a pc

E-learning: Tutors can also pre-record these lessons and students can watch lesson playback any time from anywhere with any device

E-learning: Even live lessons are recoded giving students a large database of lessons from all schools on the platform

E-learning: Students are not limmited to watching lessons from only tutors from their schools, but also from other tutors from other schools as well.

Students and guardians can check their results online

Security and multi-user profiles

School-To-Home cummunication

Triangular data synching operations

Real-time chat system

Real-time alerts and push notifications

Custom grading system

Easy billings and payment

Attendance register marking and register closing

Elaborate school srofile availble on the home page

Customizable notice boards accessible to authorize users

Why use Great schools online platform

Great schools online is a platform that is carefully designed to give end users value for money. The end goal is to bring the entire ecosystem of students, parents, teachers and staff, management, supervisors, service providers of educational and learning materials etc. into one big community for easy interaction to ensure the well-being of the entire community and to improve the quality of education.

Evolving features & capabilities

Our hardworking team and engineers are always working day and night to correct errors& bugs, improve existing features, and to add new functionality to feature ecosystem to ensure that we deliver up-to-date product to enhance end user experience

Who can use our platform?
  • KG & Nursery
  • Junior & Senior high( schools
  • Tertiary Schools (Colleges & Universities,) etc.
24/7 Maintenance and support

We offer a 24-7 support for our cherished users through phone, online and onsite maintenance support for enterprise users.

Exciting features & capabilities

The following are some of features of our platform:

  • Automated Class assessments and Grades processing
  • Online testing and assessments with auto marking that is fully integrated with students continue assessment
  • Students and guardians Checks their results online
  • Real-time Chat system
  • Real-time Alerts and push notifications
  • Custom Grading System that support GPA, CWA, and Average
  • Attendance register marking and register closing
  • Customizable Notice Boards accessible to authorize users etc.
  • Elaborate School Profile available on the home page
  • Easy to use professional accounting system
  • Point of sale System for invoices and sales receipts
  • Payroll system with loan deductions for employees
  • Easy fee collection
  • Teach or present lessons to students from anywhere with any device
Usage and License

We have both free and Enterprise licenses available for our cherished users

  • Access our full product features online with a free license
  • Synch your online & offline data between all your devices, apps, and backup to both our online managed servers and your personalized local server.
  • Get your own local server set up at your own premises & deployed and access over your local area connection or Wi-Fi.
  • Work from anywhere online or offline, and on any device (mobile, tablet, laptop of desktop) using our mobile app, desktop app or the web app.